Contra Mestre Carcará


Born in Buffalo, New York, Carcará (Todd Russell) has studied capoeira for over 17 years. He graduated from Capoeira Mandinga, under the supervision of Mestre Marcelo Pereira, in the first international capoeira event; taking place in August of 2006 in Ubatuba, Brazil. He has been promoting and presenting capoeira through performing, teaching and providing his knowledge and expertise within this Brazilian art.

In October of 2004, he founded the Academia com Expressão, a professional company for capoeira that has performed and offered workshops throughout the United States and abroad, including classes within the Department of Movement and Dance at the University of Rochester; working with Sankofa in Brockport, NY; Pixar Animation Studios in Berkeley, CA; and various groups in Brazil, Israel, Japan and China.

Professor Urubuzinho

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Instrutor Enciclopedia


Enciclopédia (Billy Brown) has been training capoeira since 1997. Being the longest training member of the group in his hometown of Buffalo, NY, he was there when they were under the oversight of Mestre Marcelo Caverinha of Capoeira Mandinga under whom he was first baptized by getting his green cord in 1999. Since then he has participated in many major events throughout western New York and the greater Ontario area. In 2014 Enciclopédia the title of Instrutor and teaches classes for the Buffalo group trying to bring a philosophy of fostering persistence, encouragement, and general self assurance for any participant.

Instrutor Aguaceiro


Aguaceiro (James Albertson) began training capoeria in Rochester, NY in 2006 as a student of Contra Mestre Carcara - under the tutelage of Mestre Marcelo Caveirinha of Capoeira Mandinga. Since that time, he has traveled to and participated in capoeira workshops/events throughout the United States, Canada and Africa, and has remained committed to the art for almost eight years.

In October of 2011, Aguaceiro was given the title of Monitor, and began instructing fundamental and beginner level capoeira classes for adults at Academia com Expressao respectively. Aguaceiro’s teaching follows CM Carcara’s approach to movement progression and mobility, and aims to create a safe environment that encourages awareness and self-expression. He sees capoeira as a collaborative and didactic art form that draws from a creative connection between movement and music to foster personal growth, transformation, and freedom.

Instrutora Cuica


As a life time martial artist Cuica (Ashley Orillion) has always had an interest in various styles of martial arts. She first learnt of Capoeira while watching the movie "Only the Strong" with her father. She began to learn Capoeira in 2007 from a small student group at the University of Rochester while training another martial art style. Following a knee injury and subsequent surgery she decided that she would devote her time to recuperating her knee and learning Capoeira under Contra Mestre Carcará in Rochester NY in 2008.

Cuica began teaching a beginner's class in Buffalo when she moved from Rochester to pursue a PhD in 2012. Recently, Touro and Cuica began teaching a beginner's class for children, teens, and adults at the Defensive Arts Dojo in Hamburg, NY. Previously, she taught Capoeira to high school students through the UpWard Bound program at UofR and assisted in teaching the children's classes at the Academia com Expressão, in Rochester, NY.

Her teaching philosophy combines her background of twenty years in martial arts with the concepts conveyed by her teacher, Carcará. She likes to build strength in individuals and the community by progressing through movements in a way that best benefits each individual student and encourages self-awareness and respect.

Under Carcará she has traveled to numerous events and visited Capoeira schools both in the United States and Canada.

Monitor Diabinho

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Monitor Suricate

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