About Us

To understand capoeira, we need to start from the beginning. Body awareness, interactions, how we hold ourselves, and moving through your environment around yourself are key elements to understanding capoeira and movement in general. With defined goals, we create an approach utilizing these elements and create goals that are within your reach. Our instructors at com Expressão follow this philosophy and create a supportive and successful training environment.

Thinking Differently

At com Expressão, We approach the unexpected so we can be prepared for any situation. In our focused training, we utilize progressions, strengthening, flexibility, joint mobility and joint preparation. By doing this, we prepare our body to be ready for what lies ahead, in training and in everyday life.

Simple to Complex

As humans, we desire complexity. In capoeira, we take complex movements/concepts and look for the smaller pieces. At com Expressão, we promote an environment that provides successful training, and we work to understand and strengthen those smaller pieces. This leads to creating more complex movements/concepts and integrating them to the way you move and your capoeira.

A Supportive Community

com Expressão is a place where you can be yourself, as well express yourself through movement. With a growing list of available programs and events to choose from, now is a great time to join our growing community. We are here to help you reach your goals by providing a warm and supportive learning environment.

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